Mejlis sent humanitarian aid to victims of earthquakes in Turkey (PHOTO)

10 March 2023
Mejlis sent humanitarian aid to victims of earthquakes in Turkey (PHOTO)

More than a hundred warm blankets, pillows, folding beds, as well as sleeping bags, clothes, and food products were collected by the volunteers of the Mejlis Coordination Center for Humanitarian Affairs together with the ASTEM Foundation for the affected citizens of Turkey.

It will be recalled that on February 6, a series of powerful earthquakes occurred in the southeast of Turkey and in the territory of Syria, during which about 45 thousand people died.

Then the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people took the initiative to hold the all-Ukrainian campaign “Good Neighbor – Closest Family” to provide humanitarian aid to Turkey.

A lot of people are in crisis. The whole world, a total of 105 countries and international organizations have joined in helping Turkey. And of course, Ukraine as a neighbor and we, the Crimean Tatars, as a fraternal nation, did everything possible to help. Of course, we didn’t collect much, but as they say, drop by drop, a lake will emerge. We met in Istanbul six months ago. They collected money and bought humanitarian aid there. At that time, many government officials came and thanked for their support in difficult times. That is, in such difficult times, we tried to lend a hand. This humanitarian aid was collected not only by Crimean Tatars, but also by Ukrainians, Azerbaijanis and other nations. In total, 65,000 dollars were collected, – said the leader of the Crimean Tatar people, Mustafa Dzhemilev.

The embassy of Turkey will handle the logistics of the assistance provided. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Turkey to Ukraine Yagmur Ahmed Güldere thanked Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars and all those who care for the fact that from the first days of the tragedy they joined the collection of funds, humanitarian work and even rescue equipment. Yes, the rescue team of the State Emergency Service dispatched 2 planes and 17 vehicles and 90 employees.

We express our gratitude to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. You did not leave in hard times. We were especially pleased that our fraternal Crimean Tatar people joined in and helped us, warmed us in such cold times. Even before the earthquake, we cooperated a lot with the Crimean Tatars and will continue to do so. When we opened a fundraising account, singer Jamala helped us raise over $60,000. Our pain is intense. However, together with our friends, we will heal our wounds, – the Turkish ambassador shared.

Previously, the Coordination Center of the Mejlis for humanitarian issues had already sent hundreds of kilograms of aid through transport companies. For now, this shipment is expected to be the last to be sent to Turkey with the help of the embassy, and the active phase of the Good Neighbor – Closest Family promotion is coming to an end, but the campaign itself will continue.

At that time, we had not yet imagined the catastrophic scale of the earthquake. In Ukraine, which has been in a state of war with Russia for the tenth year, we could not count on very significant help, but here the question is not in the amount, but in the fact that the Ukrainian society reacts to the trouble that happened to its neighbor. A lot of different parties then responded: both state bodies, educational institutions, and private businesses. I think that this is where we end the campaign in such an active version, but our announcement is posted on social networks, so if there are those who want to work with us even further in this direction – the accounts are known, our people continue to work, the Mejlis Coordination Center conducts this work on assistance, – Refat Chubarov said.